The village was founded in 1923 by Asia Minor refugees, who came from Agia Kyriaki of Aegialos in Asia Minor. Initially the soil of the area was marshy and malaria was the main problem for the population. Many of the refugees died and others scattered to other places, in Macedonia and Thrace. Regarding the name of the settlement, tradition states that it is due to Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great, who was exiled to ancient Stageira. Another version speaks of the islet of Kapros (today’s Kaufkanas) as the place of Olympiada’s exile.

A Welcoming Heaven for All Kind of Travelers and Nature Lovers!


Olympiada is located on the northeast side of Halkidiki.
It is a beautiful and picturesque village just 87 km from Thessaloniki. It’s on a beautiful beach.
The area is protected by the Natura 2000 program. Visitors can enjoy the scenery and swim at the beaches near the beautiful village such as Sykia, Kefalas, Proti Ammoudia, Vina, Zougla and VourVourou.
Olympiada offers wonderful holidays with clean sea, walks and, of course, a variety of options for food, coffee and drinks.
An area that its inhabitants have turned into a gastronomic destination with wonderful traditional taverns overlooking the sea.
Also Olympiada, is characterized by exceptional water quality, beautiful sandy beaches, and coves that invite you to swim, snorkel, and sunbathe – perfect for a lovely and relaxing vacation in Greece.


Varvara Waterfalls: A small miracle of nature in Halkidiki A refreshing landscape of raw natural beauty away from urban reality. A natural border between the villages of Olympiada and Varvara. In the dense forest of Kipuristra in Halkidiki, a double, beautiful waterfall emerges with a spectacular place through the wonderful vegetation, creating a fairytale landscape.

Vibe of coolness and peace that seems to be taken from a fairy tale about fairies and little elves.